Immunodeficiencies: What You Need to Know

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Published:  December 4, 2023

What is an Immunodeficiency?

  • An immunodeficiency is a condition where the immune system doesn’t work as well as it should, leading to difficulty in fighting off infections.
  • Results from missing parts of the immune system or parts not functioning well.
  • Can be primary (born with a defect) or secondary (developed due to medication or another illness).

What are signs of an Immunodeficiency?

  • Recurrent or frequent ear, sinus, or lung infections.
  • Needing several courses of antibiotics per year.
  • Difficult to treat infections.
  • Severe infections requiring hospitalization.
  • Family history of recurrent infections or known immunodeficiency.

What do you need to know about COVID-19 and Immunodeficiencies?

  • Being immunocompromised, like having an immunodeficiency, is a risk factor for a more severe course of COVID-19.

What should our existing patients with an Immunodeficiency know?

  • Continue receiving treatments like Hyqvia (gammaglobulin) infusions.
  • Take strict precautions to minimize infection risk, including wearing a mask, frequent hand washing, and social distancing.

If you or a family member have questions or concerns regarding an immunodeficiency, please call our office or schedule an appointment online.